Europe is a topic of learning and experiencing

In 2009 Don-Bosco-Schule was awarded for its European profile and was certified as a European school by the state govenrment of North Rhine-Westphalia.

The Don-Bosco-Schule is using different promotional programs in order to etablish a high number of European realtions. These include the European-program for lifelong learning, but also programs of the Robert Bosch Stiftung or the Franco-German Youth Office.

The European integration process also enables an international exchange concerning pedagogical issues. Due to the participation in school development projects the teachers of Don-Bosco-Schule can get an insight into the work of European partner schools. This knowledge can then be used for further development of the own school program.

To become a partner of a European project you have to be open as an individual and as an institution. The Don-Bosco-Schule accepts this language and organization challenge with imagination and commitment.

Our European meetings are carried out by te spirit of partnership. For both students and teachers new experiences have a positive effect n the development of personality and school.