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Don - Bosco - Schule

"Be merry, do good deeds and let the sparrows sing."

Giovanni Don Bosco 1815 - 1888

The Don-Bosco-Schule is a specialised school for the education of mentally handicapped students aged between 6 and 25 years at the maximum. It is a public school located in the district of Soest. The eastern cities of Lippstadt, Geseke, Erwitte, Anroechte and Ruethen belong to this diestrict.

The school was founded in 1976 and named after the Italian priest Giovanni Don Bosco, who was sustainably committed to supporting sociall disadvantaged children and young people. Our facilitity is based on the ideas of a positive atmosphere, the deep will to support and a certain serenity. The goal of the school's educational work is the training of personalities who lead self-determined lives in social integration as possible.

The Don-Bosco-Schule is using different promotional programs in order to establish a high number of European relations. These include the European-program for lifelong learning, but also programs of the Robert Bosch Stiftung orthe Franco-German Youth Office or the program „Europeans for peace“ (evz).

The European integration process also enables an international exchange concerning pedagogical issues. Due to the participation in school development projects the teachers of Don-Bosco-Schule can get an insight into the work of European partner schools. This knowledge can then be used for further development for their own school program. An individual open mind is required for an institution to
be part of a European project. This language is understood and the challenge is  well met with full commitment and imagination from the Don-Bosco-Schule.

Our European meetings are conducted with a spirit of partnership.For both students and teachers new experiences have a positive effect on the development of personal individuals and the school.